Sexy Zumba Choreography to Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

If you like to sensuously swing your hips back and forth, do the “come hither” finger crook, and just all-in-all get yourself into a sexy frame of mind and movement – well, this is definitely the cool down for you!

While it’s not overtly sexual, it is very SENSUAL. The whole thing feels like a mating ritual, in the sexiest way possible. I’m reminded of the scene in Empire Records when Corey is listening to the steamy song and dancing as she prepares Rex Manning’s lunch. Music and movement are big keys to making us feel like our sexiest selves!

So, hey – while I think you will have a lot of fun incorporating this routine into your home Zumba repertoire as a sexy cooldown – maybe you’ll just want to use it as a way to get you in the right frame of mind before a big night with your significant other! :D

 buttons by pussycat dolls

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